mobile loyalty punchcard

Mobile Loyalty Punchcard

Your Loyalty Punch Card Alternative

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Say "Goodbye" to the old process of printing and distributing loyalty punch cards to your customers, and welcome mzPUNCH, a mobile loyalty punchcard. mzPUNCH provides you with the tools to create deals and loyalty cards, track your deals, and keep your customers engaged, all from the comfort of your desktop or mobile device.

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The Benefits of mzPUNCH

Reports show that 28% of customers will likely increase visits if the business has a loyalty reward program, and over 60% of customers say loyalty reward programs play an important role in their shopping decisions. In addition to increasing customer visits and influencing customer-buying habits, a mobile loyalty punchcard offers many other benefits, such as:

  • Keeping customers engaged with your brand
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Encouraging repeat purchases
  • Measuring your return on investment
  • Getting insight on customer purchase behavior

How it Works

mzPUNCH allows you to discretely track vital customer purchase behavior. With mzPUNCH, you can monitor how often your customers are purchasing from your establishment, which customers frequent your stores the most, and which products or services keep them coming back.

Customers will love the convenience of being able to punch their card, get rewards, and redeem their offers right from their phone. When your customer is ready to use their mobile loyalty punch card, they tap the Punch Me button, show the screen to the cashier, who then taps the redemption stamp to the screen, and the screen returns to the card with a new punch. Once your customer receives all available punches, they will have access to the incentive of your preference.

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